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We help people sing prayer

Cultivating connection to God through the experience of sacred music.

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Canticle choir being blessed by Archbishop Cordileone

"I have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that Canticle has made. Through Mary Ann and all of the people who bring such compassion and dedication, Canticle has helped many Catholic youth, their families, churches and audiences to cultivate a connection to God through sacred music. In essence, the work of Canticle and the blessing of these children learning Gregorian Chant, brings people closer to God."

Archbishop Cordileone

Archdiocese of San Franciso


The Beauty of Living Tradition

We specialize in guiding youth and the Catholic faithful to unlock the beauty of timeless music in a way that brings joy and peace. Gregorian chant is intended for Everyone. We know how to make learning chant simple and prayerful. We are degreed musicians and teach you from a place of vocal expertise. We are Catholics in good standing, and pray with you from the heart of the Catholic Church. There really is something for everyone!

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Canticle teaches the gift of sung prayer. We inspire and educate through the rich tradition of Catholic sacred music and its ability to draw souls to Christ. We strive to share this treasure of inestimable value through our programs and events. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a lifelong love for Catholic sacred music among the faithful and to equip them with the tools to incorporate it into their personal prayer and to share this living tradition of the Catholic Church.


Our Programs


Sung Mass

Invite one of our student choirs to beautifully support congregational chants and hymns, as well as  inspire worshippers with select choral masterworks.

Holy Hour

A small group of student cantors will lead congregational chants, and provide additional Eucharistic chants with rich catechetical content for recollection and meditation.


Come to listen to young Catholics and stay to sing with them! This hybrid offers  concert pieces for meditation as well as instruction on select seasonal chant hymns, and is one of our most popular offerings.

Chant Camp - 5 days

Canticle teachers have led over fifty camps all over the country- let us engage the youth of your parish or community in an unforgettable week of fun and team prayer!!

Workshop - 1,2, or 3 days

Educational and community-building, our sacred music workshops are designed to take your parish or community to the next level of participation in sung prayer.

Online Coaching

We build specific skills with clients in order  to achieve musical goals such as: sight-reading, singing with ease, directing chant, and even practical details of building choirs.

San Diego Area Choir Classes

Where it started: our weekly classes offer catechesis through sacred music studies in a rigorous and prayerful team environment. We offer something for all age groups!

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Guiding The Future Youth




Over 25 Years of Experience



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Share the joy of sung prayer through Sacred Music

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