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Who We Are

Founded in 2019, the mission of Canticle is to draw souls to Jesus Christ through the beauty of sacred music. 

The Importance of Teaching Gregorian Chant to Children

Canticle teaches the gift of sung prayer to children, inspiring and educating them through the rich tradition of Catholic sacred music, including Catholic chants for kids and children's polyphonic hymns, to draw souls to Christ. We strive to share this treasure of inestimable value through our programs and events, offering chant lessons for kids and providing resources like Catholic chant sheet music and kids' Church music. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a lifelong love for Catholic sacred music among the faithful, equipping them with the tools to incorporate it into their personal prayer and share this living tradition of the Catholic Church, including simple chants for kids and fun church songs. Through our efforts, we aim to make Gregorian chant accessible to young children and to foster a deep connection to Catholic kids' songs and chants.

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A Church with a Voice

Gregorian chant, a vital element of our Catholic sacred tradition, holds immense importance and needs to be passed down to children. Rooted in Latin, Gregorian chant enriches the Catholic Mass and the Eucharistic Celebration, drawing the faithful closer to God through its timeless beauty and profound spiritual depth. Teaching children Gregorian chant nurtures their prayer life and fosters a deep connection to the liturgical practices of the Church. By incorporating this sacred music into their lives, we inspire vocations and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the rich heritage of the Catholic faith. Passing down Gregorian chant to the next generation ensures that this ancient form of worship continues to elevate our communal and personal prayer experiences, strengthening our bond with the divine and preserving the essence of our Catholic identity.

Canticle Values

Tradition: Canticle is committed to preserving and promoting the rich tradition of Catholic Sacred Music, which has been an integral part of the Church's worship for centuries.


Catholic: Canticle believes that singing prayer through Catholic Sacred Music is a powerful spiritual practice that can deepen our connection to God and nourish our souls.


Excellence: Canticle is committed to providing the highest quality instruction in Catholic Sacred Music, and holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all that we do.


Community: Canticle believes that learning and singing together as a community is a joyful and transformative experience that brings us closer to God and to one another. Canticle welcomes all people of good will to join us in the pursuit of singing prayer through Catholic Sacred Music.


Canticle's Programs for Teaching Catholic Chant to Children and Adults

Canticle not only teaches the gift of sung prayer to children but also empowers adults to instruct kids in their own parishes. Our programs are designed to benefit priests, choir directors, and school directors by equipping them with the skills to teach Catholic chants for kids and children's hymns. Through our comprehensive training, adults learn to incorporate Catholic kids' songs, Gregorian chants for children, and simple chants for kids into their parish activities. Canticle's resources, such as chant sheet music and chant lessons for kids, ensure that every community can embrace this rich tradition. By fostering a deep connection to Catholic sacred music, Canticle helps adults inspire a lifelong love for this treasure in the hearts of the young faithful, enriching both personal and communal prayer experiences.

The Big Picture: Teach Gregorian Chant to More Children Across the U.S.

We invite you to join us in expanding our efforts to teach the treasure of Gregorian chant to more children across the U.S. Your support will enable us to reach countless young souls, introducing them to the beauty of Latin chant, the sacred traditions of the Catholic Mass, and the Eucharistic Celebration. By supporting our mission, you help nurture their prayer life, inspire future vocations, and foster a lifelong closeness to God. Please consider making a donation today to ensure that this rich heritage of Catholic sacred music continues to flourish in the hearts of the next generation. Together, we can preserve this timeless tradition and deepen the faith of our young people.

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