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Our Programs

Ways We Help People Sing Prayer


Sung Mass 

A sung Mass is a reverent and melodic celebration where the liturgy is enriched by sung prayers and hymns, enhancing the spiritual experience for all attendees.

A vibrant youth schola  guides the congregation through the sung Mass, elevating the beautifully sung propers and choral motets, creating a deeply immersive and uplifting liturgical atmosphere.

  • Base Fee- varies on number of singers

    • 12-16  voices - $1,000

    • 17-24  voices - $1,400

    • Daily Mass- 4-8 voices- $400

  • Canticle Provides

    • Program, Singers & Director

  • Parish or Client Provides

    • Publicity, Space 1 hr prior to Mass

Holy Hour

A sacred and contemplative period where the Youth Schola leads the congregation through meditative Eucharistic prayers, fostering a deeply reflective atmosphere for personal prayer and spiritual connection. This offering can seamlessly complement a Sung Mass or Presentation on the same day, enhancing the overall experience.


  • Base Fee - $400 for 4-8  singers

  • Canticle Provides

    • Program, Singers & Director

  • Parish or Client Provides 

    • Publicity, Space 1 hr prior


An immersive and engaging event blending the elements of a concert with instructional sessions on chants, conducted by Canticle's skilled teachers and student instructors. Lasting approximately 75 minutes, this interactive experience offers selections from the liturgical season, appealing to diverse audiences by providing a delightful blend of musical performance and educational insights.


  • Base Fee - varies on number of singers

    • 4-8 voices- $500

    • 12-16  voices - $800

    • 16 or more voices - $1,100

  • Canticle Provides

    • Program, Singers & Instruction

  • Parish or Client Provides

    • Publicity, Space 1 hr prior

Chant Camp - 5 Days

A transformative and immersive experience designed to equip participants  with the music of the Mass in a dynamic and enjoyable environment spanning five days. Participants engage in a collaborative journey towards mastering sung Mass, fostering teamwork and skill development. This sought-after program is ideal for school and parish youth choirs, revitalizing their existing members and enticing new talent to join in the harmonious celebration of sacred music.


  • Base Fee - $4,400, 25% deposit to secure date

  • Canticle Provides

    • Instructors, Music Packets, Games

  • Parish or Client Provides

    • Publicity, Registration, & Volunteers

    • Airfare, per diem,  and accommodation

Workshop - 1,2, or 3 days

An adaptable and purpose-driven session designed for groups with demanding schedules, providing an opportunity to delve into the world of chant. Tailored to meet specific needs, these workshops cater to diverse groups, refining chant skills or preparing for various liturgical events such as Holy Hours or Sung Masses. With customizable themes—from devotional hymns for families to chants of the Mass for parishioners—the workshop is an ideal platform for different demographics, including youth, young adults, cantors, choir directors, and households, fostering a deeper connection to sacred music within each community.


  • Base Fee - $1,000/ day 

  • Canticle Provides

    • 6 hrs instruction/ day &  1-2 Instructors

    • Music Packets

  • Parish or Client Provides

    • Publicity, Registration, & Volunteers

    • Airfare, transportation,  and accommodation

Online Coaching

Tailored support provided in private or small group sessions (2-4 persons) conducted via Zoom. Expert guidance is offered in various areas, encompassing singing techniques, sight-reading mastery, directing skills, and effective teaching methods. This personalized coaching is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their musical abilities. Additionally, it's offered as a complimentary service for mendicant priests and religious, providing accessible support to those dedicated to sacred music within their communities.


  • Individual coaching - starting at $100/ hr

  • Group coaching - starting at $50/ hr, 2-4 persons

  • Free for mendicant priests and religious

San Diego Area Choir Classes

A foundational initiative centered around nurturing singing teams within the local San Diego community. These classes, organized by semester, offer weekly sessions aimed at building vocal ensembles. Participants not only engage in structured learning but also gain practical experience by singing at Masses, Catholic events, and outreach programs. This program serves as a platform for individuals passionate about choral singing, fostering a sense of community while actively contributing to various spiritual and outreach endeavors in the area.


  • Weekly classes, 1.25-2.5hr classes

    • After school or during school hours

    • 20 student minimum

  • Tuition per semester

    •  $225/ 1 student; $450/ 2 siblings

    • Subsequent siblings - no charge

  • Canticle Provides

    • Music, Instruction, Educational tools

Canticle's Programs for teaching Catholic Chant

Canticle offers many programs for children and for those who teach the children, ensuring the next Catholic generation across the U.S. knows and loves their living chant tradition. Our programs are designed to benefit priests, choir directors, and school directors by providing comprehensive training in Catholic chants for kids, children's hymns, and Catholic sacred music. We equip adults with the skills to teach simple chants for kids, fun activities, and Gregorian chant for children, enhancing parish prayer and school music programs. Canticle's resources include chant lessons for kids, chant sheet music, and children's church music, making Catholic sacred music accessible to all. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for Catholic sacred music among the faithful and ensure this rich tradition continues to thrive in personal and communal prayer experiences.


Learn more about Canticle's programs

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